Michelle Aragones #19685 Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant
Michelle Aragones #19685 Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant
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About Paparazzi Accessories

You might think we’re all about accessories, but Paparazzi is really about change! Changing the way people look…Changing the way people feel…Changing people’s futures and their lives.

Though our fashion-forward jewelry and our parties are centered on fun, Paparazzi fulfills a serious mission. We believe that trendy accessories should be available and affordable to women and men everywhere. We know that wearing a new look and feeling confident in your appearance, builds amazing self-esteem. Our passion is to inspire dreams, empower talents, and reach goals by sharing our products and the excitement of Paparazzi. We see it happen every day!

This vision is made possible through the reach of Paparazzi Consultants. They’re the ones who bring our original designs to kitchen countertops and boutique shops. Our Consultants bring fun and fashion to everyday life, along with the chance to explore the Paparazzi opportunity.

Benefits of being a Paparazzi Consultant

  • Buy your inventory up front
  • FREE replicated website so customers can shop from the entire Paparazzi inventory and you get the credit
  • Earn immediate cash with a 45% commission
  • No catalogs or customer orders to mess with
  • Constantly new inventory for you to choose from and every consultant’s stock is different.
  • Sell where and when you want
  • Get additional 5-10% compensation when others become Consultants.
  • Earn building bonuses for building your team.
  • Have parties to fund a vacation, or for serious income
  • No long-term commitment
  • Have fun showing and selling products women love!

The Accessories

  • Most necklaces come with matching earrings to make a set.
  • Nickel and Lead free.
  • The always amazing $5.00 price point.
  • Same quality accessories that are in popular stores.
  • Starlet Shimmer line that start at only $1.00 and are just as adorable as your little one!
  • Accessories are always seasonal and in style with constant updating for a variety to choose from.

Zi Collection

Starting on October 2, 2017, we introduced a new line- the Zi Collection!!! This line is more elaborate, more shine, the Bling of All Bling!!  These pieces retail for $25, we earn 35% on each piece sold (wholesale $16.25). With the Zi Collection, we are able to expand our customer base to those who love chunkier pieces. We will always be known for our $5.00 accessories. that is our foundation, but the Zi Collection gives us another way to grow.


Becoming a consultant is easy and affordable!

 Being a paparazzi consultant gives you the ability to be a stay at home parent, be your own boss, and still be making a full time pay! You have the flexibility to make your own schedule and plan around your life.

You can choose from 3 different starter kits that will come with all the accessories and tools you’ll need to start your Paparazzi business.

$99 Starter Kit – 35 pieces of jewelry (no hair accessories), necklace display and marketing material. ($175 value)

 $299 Starter Kit – 120 pieces of accessories, necklace/ring displays and marketing material. ($600 value)

 $499 Starter Kit – 220 pieces of accessories, full set of displays, marketing material and FREE Convention Ticket. ($1100 value)

What’s great about being a consultant is that we make a 45% commission off everything we sell so you easily make your money back from the starter kits. Once you receive your kit you will have a launch party and will see how great the product sells itself and what a great opportunity it is being a Paparazzi consultant.

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